What is the Employment Toolkit?

Building Pride’s Employment Toolkit contains comprehensive guidance on LGBT employment good practice, accessible to everyone across Ontario. It covers introductory guidance to sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace as well as in depth information on a range of topics, including:

  • The business case for LGBT inclusion
  • Gender identity & expression legislation and case law
  • How to set up an LGBT employee resource group (ERG)
  • Unique issues faced by LGBT-identified women
  • Conflicting human rights claims

The Toolkit is designed for use by a range of individuals including diversity and HR professionals, LGBT employees and senior leadership. The good practice contained here was developed to apply to any and all sectors of the economy and should be able to be adopted in every workplace across the province.

Together with the personal stories of change, corporate case studies and interactive forum, Building Pride is a one-stop resource for creating fully LGBT-inclusive workplaces.


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